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2024 Cover Model 

Shajuan Thomas


ShaJuan Thomas, is a full-figured model from Virginia with experience in Commercial, Print, Runway, Acting, and Model/Event Coordination. I have background in Financial Advisory as well as a Bachelor’s Degree in Criminal Justice and Sociology. 


I have dreamed of being a model and actress since adolescence, but I was often discouraged because I wasn’t standard model size. As a teenager I attended Barbizon School of Modeling and Acting, and participated in pageants. In 2015, my mother passed away from breast cancer. As a result, I stepped aside from my modeling dreams. My grandmother passed away from Cancer in 2021, making me realize that life is too short to not pursue my dream. 


After being offered a chance to model in a local fashion show in December 2021, I was encouraged to pursue modeling again. I’ve been pushing forward ever since. My goal is to inspire people all over the world by showcasing that no matter your size, age, gender, or hardships, you can still fulfill your dreams.

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2024 Cover Model 

Ira Brown

Ira M. Brown stands as a testament to the Big and Tall male model – a blend of
strength, good looks, professionalism and timeless charm. A proud native son of
Chicago, Ira’s modeling began March 2023 with The Crusade of Curves model call.
From that moment, Ira’s career took flight propelled by his hard work and dedication to
his craft. He has walked in The Crusade of Curves, Lov’ n My Curves, and Unieke
Mode NYFW shows. Moreover, Ira participated in The Bigger Picture NYFW MENS+
“The State of the Big & Tall Community” discussion.
Beyond modeling, Ira’s time is divided between his beautiful twin girls and working as
an executiuve for a large health care organization in Delaware. Ira is also a member of
Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Inc and the National Association of Health Care Executives.
Ira has a passion for improving life quality for communities through his volunteerism.
With his unwavering energy and dedication, Ira M. Brown will continue to inspire others
to embrace their individuality and accept all bodies regardless of shape, size or gender.

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